Thought some people could relate to this!


Thought some people could relate to this!

what pump and equipment do you use? would you recommend it?

Iv actually had alot of people asking me this question!

Well this is my second pump & i deliberately got the larger one specifically because of the reservoir, anyway its a “Medtronic MiniMed PARADIGM”

The reservoir i use for it is just the normal medtronic ones

& my cannula is the ” Medtronic Quick-set Paradigm (6mm)

I also use the “quick-serter infusion set insertion system” i couldnt bare to stand the insert it yourself ones, which if you use is cool just not my thing!

& thats really about it! Hope i helped!


Oh & yes id highly recommend it !!


Its so beyond annoying when people who DO NOT have diabetes, or know anything about it have so much to say about the illness, its so easy for people to talk but if they were in mine ( or any other diabetics shoes) im sure they wouldnt be thinking in the same way.

  •  ” You just take shots”
  • " You only have to check your blood "
  • " You ate to much sugar now you have diabetes"
  • " Stop making a big deal out of it"
  • " Thats disgusting having a needle in you constantly"

the one that gets me most is “you should be happy its not worse

THEY should be happy they dont have to live with it or deal with diabetes, yes i am grateful its not anything MORE worse, but its still a illness & it still sucks !!

Some people have no clue!

Do you always have perfect sugar levels?

Hi anonymous,

Perfect sugar levels? Does that even exist?

Just as we speak im doing a correction on my insulin pump, my blood was 23.7 ( this gets tricky im not sure if your from overseas America or what not but in Australia i know we have different calculations in blood sugar levels)

But this high blood could be from the reason from i just had a very yum sugary cake and didnt bolus enough! Woops !

But NO my blood is not perfect 24/7!

Diabetes Challenge
Diabetes Challenge
  • How old were you when you were diagnosed? And/or how old is your diabetes now?
    I was 13 years old, and my diabetes is 6 years old.

  • What was your first reaction to your diagnosis? 
    A little scared as i had no clue what it was & confused.

  • Have you ever been to diabetes camp/events? Have you made any friends that way?
    No, im not really a out there kind of girl & going on them camps didn’t really appeal to me that much. Not to say that they wernt fun & helpful of course :)

  • Do you know any other diabetics? (both online and IRL)
    Yes i do ! 

  • Pump, shots, or something else? Why? What meter/pump do you use?
    Insulin pump - medtronic miniMed with the larger reservoir as it last longer.
    & the optium Xceed meter.

  • Do you advertise it or try to hide it? Any reason why?
    Neither, it doesnt worry me who knows it but im not out there advertising it, its apart of me and iv had it for a while now so i dont really pay attention in public when displaying it.

  • What’s your favorite diabetic book/movie?
    I havnt really seen any movies on it, but i get a monthly subscription to diabetic mags

  • Did you have to make any major lifestyle changes when you were diagnosed?
    Yes alot, from eatting habits, to blood checking, to carb counting injections & MORE!

  • Have you ever traveled far away with it? What was that like?
    No i havnt, curious as to though .

  • What was your scariest diabetes moment?
    Going on a long trip & forgetting to take a spare injection & insulin bottle incase my pump fails!

  • What’s your record for highs/lows?
    High - 37.8      Low- 1.5

  • How’s your relationship with your endocrinologist?
    Really well, shes very understanding and straight to the point!

  • What’s your favorite diabetes joke?
    Havnt herd one yet !!

  • Have you ever gotten in trouble for doing something diabetes-related that someone didn’t think was allowed? (Bolusing in class, blood sugar test in a meeting, eating at work, etc)
    Teachers at school would mistake my blood meter for a phone! Once in my VCE exam this happend, after explaining and showing the letter from my doctor it was all good!

  • What’s your favorite oh-gosh-my-diabetes-hate-me-for-eating-this food?
    Anything with a LOAD of sugar i love baking cakes with ice-ing sugar cream ect! Sorry diabetes!

  • Do you own/use any diabetic cookbooks?
    I own alot but havnt opend one to date!

  • Has being diabetic gotten you any privileges? (scholarships, special treatment, etc)
    Leaving school early, oh and when my bloods high and im snappy at family or my bf it comes to a good excuse !

  • What advice would you give a newly-diagnosed diabetic?
    At the start it may seem endless and difficult, but keep your head up! Its not the end of the world, take in as much as possible learn from your mistakes, and grow from it and take control! Trust me i know its hard at times but theres always a rainbow after the storm! Just got to keep going forward check your blood regularly, go to your doctor appointments, and live your life the same as you always wanted.

  • What’s your best diabetes moment?
    Inserting a pump cannula & knowing you dont have to change it for 3-4 days!

This would be my insulin pump, that im never without.
( i dont know why its upside down ! )

This would be my insulin pump, that im never without.

( i dont know why its upside down ! )


Hi everyone reading this,

Just want to let yous all in on a little insight of myself.

Im a normal 19 year old girl, from Melbourne/Australia.

On my 13th birthday i decided to get hit with some news that would change my “Life Style” forever.

Just after celebrating my 13th birthday i was taken to hospital. with symptoms of :

  • Feeling sick
  • Drinking ALOT of water ( Being excessively thirsty )
  • Urinating Alot
  • Tired/ No energy
  • Weight Loss 
  • Head aches

Yeep all the OBVIOUS symptoms of type 1 diabetes.

At this time being the age i was and having no history of it in my family i had NO idea that these signs were related to the illness.

After a week in hospital & being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, i was delt to deal with countless blood tests, learning everything to know about

  • Injections
  • Eatting Healthy
  • BGL
  • Insulin

and all the ins and outs to it, it was very over-whelming, but i am lucky to have such a GREAT family that stayed by my side the whole time & learnt with me! It was so helpful we all worked as a team untill i got use to it.

When i got out of hospital and back at home, everything was the same i got so comfortable with it all…

Untill i had to go school, now all my friends were fantastic and understood never made me feel like i was different ( because i wasnt ) but i still felt a little out of zone, when i had to leave the class room because of a injection or low blood, or even at lunch time the looks id receive from the other students, which was understandable of course, people are curious. It was hard enough just starting high school now having to deal with this in my first year of it.

But it got easy and as time went on so did I.

Iv had diabetes 6 years going on 7 now. I ALWAYS go to my 3 month check ups for my HB1C & to make sure im track. I’m currently on the insulin pump, & as much as i love it, i hate it aswell, it can be annoying at times. But for me and my lifestyle its fits alright!

Anyway i thought id make a blog & my journey with diabetes!

Please feel free to inbox me, email me anytime with anything as i will reply asap :)

Hope to see yous follow me!

♥ x