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haileykatrine said: yay more diabetics:))!!

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I just want to post something funny for my first day as an admin. =)
~ Hannah F.

So.. True…



I just want to post something funny for my first day as an admin. =)

~ Hannah F.

So.. True…

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Jul 05

Hypo food!

Going through some peoples blogs/tumblr’s i couldnt help but notice how everyone has different options when it comes to hypos and the choice of hypo food they have to treat it!

Iv recently been asked what food I have to treat my hypos


Iv noticed at the time of my hypo all i want to do is shove everything in my fridge in my face but after it I REGRET IT so bad if i eat so much because i can feel it all turning in my stomach, so i try keep it as minimal as possible ! And dont overdose on sugar as my blood sky rockets afterwards!

Let me know what you have to treat your hypos :)

findingandcreating said: I just saw your response to my question about the conversion of mmol/L to mg/dl readings! So, your readings show up to be mmol/L (good readings I believe are 4-8?). So say you had a reading of 4.7, for example. To get a reading as mine would show (mg/dl) you would take your reading of 4.7 (mmol/L) and multiply that by 18 to get 85 (mg/dl)!(: So, for me to convert my reading into mmol/L I'd simply do the opposite and divide by 18! -I really hope that was understandable! I'm happy to help! -Rachel

Thankyou so much! Thats such a easier way to understand it! so simple now!

Your help was greatly appreciated !

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Thankyou very much sweetie :)!

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No worries :)

findingandcreating said: Has anyone explained the whole difference in the conversion of mmol/L readings and mg/dl reading to you yet?(: I'd be glad to help if you're still confused! -Rachel


Yes someone did comment on it & tell me a way to figure it out :) , but if youd still like to explain in your way that would be very helpful! 


Jul 03


Ok so this is confusing ! I was trying to figure out how overseas BGL readings are different to over here in Australia !

So i came across this article on a website:

In America and some other countries blood/glucose is measured as mg/dl — milligrams per decilitre rather than mmol/L — millimole per litre. They are both a measure of the concentration of glucose in the blood but are just expressed differently.To obtain a conversion a factor of 18 should be used. For example to convert 135 mg/dl to mmol/L divide the 135 by 18 which will give a converted reading of 7.5 mmol/L. The converse example to convert 6.5 mmol/L to mg/dl multiply the 6.5 by 18 which will give a converted reading of 117 mg/dl. Normal readings will range from 72-144 mg/dl and 4-8 mmol/L.”

& confused me even more !!

If anyone knows how to explain it better please let me know !

Jul 02


Why is it i absolutely LOVE♥ baking cupcakes, cookies, cakes and everything that isnt good for a diabetic! noone likes making salads ….. What a bad mix!


I hope so.


I hope so.

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