Hi everyone reading this,

Just want to let yous all in on a little insight of myself.

Im a normal 19 year old girl, from Melbourne/Australia.

On my 13th birthday i decided to get hit with some news that would change my “Life Style” forever.

Just after celebrating my 13th birthday i was taken to hospital. with symptoms of :

  • Feeling sick
  • Drinking ALOT of water ( Being excessively thirsty )
  • Urinating Alot
  • Tired/ No energy
  • Weight Loss 
  • Head aches

Yeep all the OBVIOUS symptoms of type 1 diabetes.

At this time being the age i was and having no history of it in my family i had NO idea that these signs were related to the illness.

After a week in hospital & being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, i was delt to deal with countless blood tests, learning everything to know about

  • Injections
  • Eatting Healthy
  • BGL
  • Insulin

and all the ins and outs to it, it was very over-whelming, but i am lucky to have such a GREAT family that stayed by my side the whole time & learnt with me! It was so helpful we all worked as a team untill i got use to it.

When i got out of hospital and back at home, everything was the same i got so comfortable with it all…

Untill i had to go school, now all my friends were fantastic and understood never made me feel like i was different ( because i wasnt ) but i still felt a little out of zone, when i had to leave the class room because of a injection or low blood, or even at lunch time the looks id receive from the other students, which was understandable of course, people are curious. It was hard enough just starting high school now having to deal with this in my first year of it.

But it got easy and as time went on so did I.

Iv had diabetes 6 years going on 7 now. I ALWAYS go to my 3 month check ups for my HB1C & to make sure im track. I’m currently on the insulin pump, & as much as i love it, i hate it aswell, it can be annoying at times. But for me and my lifestyle its fits alright!

Anyway i thought id make a blog & my journey with diabetes!

Hope to see yous follow me!

♥ x